Aims, Goals, Objectives 

1.       Christ-centered living.

2.       Guide each student into a comprehensive knowledge of Biblical principles, content and doctrine, through a systematic study of the infallible Word, and to equip him with the methods for a continuing personal study.

3.       Confront the students with Gospel imperative of “making disciples of all nations” and instill within him an awareness of personal responsibility in carrying out that imperative.

4.             Help and encourage the student to desire and experience a true love and dedication to God and the Church, the Body of Christ, and to guide him to find his place in the Body.

5.       Equip the student to meaningfully fulfil the requirements and responsibilities of the specialized Christian service to which he is called – evangelist, pastor, teacher, soul-winner, etc.

6.       Instruct the student in matters of Biblical exegesis, building and delivery of sermons, to prepare him in pastoral counselling. Spiritual leadership and church government and to give him adequate Biblical and spiritual foundation for his pulpit, pastoral and prophetic ministries.

7.       Foster a desire for a continual pursuit of spiritual growth through the personal application of the disciplines acquired throughout the student’s training experience at IBTC.