Admission Requirement 


General Admission Requirements

Applicants must possess the basic entrance qualifications as specified by the Deeper Life International Bible Training College, in line with the provisions of the National Accreditation Board and our Mentor institution, Anchor College as follows:


West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE)

Applicant must have Six (6) Passes (A1 – D7) in all subjects, three (3) of which should be credit Passes (C6) or better including English Language and Core Mathematic. Applicants with Christian Religious Studies will have an advantage.

Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSSCE)

Applicant must have Six (6) Passes (A –D) in all subjects, including English Language and Core Mathematics. Applicants with Christian Religious Studies will have an advantage.

General Business Certificate Examination (GBCE)

Applicant should have credit passes (A-D) in six (6) subjects comprising three core subjects including English Language and Mathematics plus three (3) relevant elective subjects.

GCE Ordinary (GCE 'O' Level) and Advance Levels (GCE 'A' Level)

Applicants who completed the General Certificate of Education (GCE) 'O' and 'A' Levels should have Grade 6 or better in:

  i.      five (5) 'O' Level subjects including: English, Mathematics and Science (for non-science students) and an Arts subject (for science students); and

ii.      three (3) 'A' Level passes in subjects (other than General Paper) one of which should be Grade D or better.

Others Qualifications

Applicants who graduated from the College with the Certificate in Theology with a FGPA of 2.50 will be admitted directly onto the Diploma Program.

Mature Student Entry

An applicant, who does not satisfy all the requirements for the normal direct admission shall be considered for a 'mature entry' mode of admission and be made to sit for an Entrance Examination and attend interview. He/She must be at least 25 years at the time of application. The Entrance Examination shall cover English Language, Mathematics, Bible Knowledge and Current Affairs. A candidate shall be deemed to have passed the examination for admission if he/she obtains an over-all total score of 40% with the breakdown as follow: English – 10%, Mathematics – 10%, Bible Knowledge – 15% and Current Affairs – 5%.

The College may recognize the work experience or other qualifications of a “mature entry” applicant.

International Applicants

Foreign students with qualifications equivalent to those mentioned above will be considered for admission. However, applicants from Francophone and other non-English speaking countries must attach to their applications evidence of Proficiency in English. All foreign certificates shall be referred to National Accreditation Board for determination of equivalence.

Additional Requirements

All successful applicants are required to pass an oral interview. This requirement, however, does not apply to past students of the College who seek admission onto the Diploma Program.